Sustainability at InterContinental Kaohsiung

At InterContinental, sustainability is one of our guiding principles. We know that InterContinental Kaohsiung, with an IHG Green Engage Level 1 certification, is a great choice for our guests, many of whom are also concerned with environmental sustainability. IHG Green Engage is an innovative, online sustainability system that allows us to monitor the environmental impact of our hotels and ameliorate environmental impacts through reducing energy and water use and cutting down on waste output.

IHG Green Engage

  • Control and record all energy use (water, electric, gas, waste sorting);
  • Conserve energy by replacing less efficient T5, T8, and incandescent bulbs with LED lights;
  • Practice preventive maintenance of hotel amenities to avoid unnecessary leakage and wasted water;
  • Use a light control system to automatically adjust lighting according to a need-based schedule;
  • Engage in sustainability and energy saving education/training.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint from Food

  • At InterContinental Kaohsiung, our restaurants, including the all-day buffet Seeds, Chinese restaurant Zhan Lu, lobby bar BL.T33, bakery Delicatesse, and Japanese restaurant WA-RA, use at least 50% local ingredients, which greatly reduces our carbon footprint from food.

Green Sustainable Dining

  • InterContinental Kaohsiung invested nearly NT$1 million to build kitchen backyard equipment and introduced biochemical bacteria food waste treatment machines. This allows organic kitchen waste to decompose through natural degradation. We collaborated with independent organic farmers to provide them with the fertilizer, and the agricultural products are then harvested and arrive on the dining tables of InterContinental Kaohsiung. This summer, we would like to thank the chefs at the hotel, who not only prepared impeccable delicacies for our dear guests but also frequented the farms to ensure the best quality ingredients are provided to the hotel. It is our goal to build a positive cycle for the land and the people, and we would like to extend our gratitude to our F&B team and our valued guests.

Room Amenities

  • VICRILA tempered glass is manufactured according to the goal of minimizing impact on the environment. The brand, through a manufacturing process that uses clean energy and glass recycling, is fully engaged in the fight against global warming.
  • All room amenities are made of materials that can be recycled and reused upon discarding, part of our eco-friendly philosophy.
  • Bathroom amenities are InterContinental-exclusive BLANCHE-scented large bottles from Swedish brand BYREDO, creating less plastic waste than traditional miniature bottles.
  • We participate in the Nespresso capsule recycling program as part of our initiative to sustainability and environmental protection. Experience InterContinental luxury while feeling good about contributing to the healthy future of our Mother Earth.

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