One-Year-Old Catch Party

The first birthday is a milestone for both parents and their children. Celebrate a ONE-derful first birthday at InterContinental Kaohsiung as we prepare an exclusive “one-year-old catch party” for your child that would make the day memorable.
One-Year-Old Catch Party Package

※ Chinese banquet NT$15,888+10% per table (10 people per table, minimum 2 tables)

※ Western-style buffet: NT$1,680+10% per person (minimum guarantee of 50 people).

※ The project includes unlimited soft drinks and a birthday cake. For a baby’s first birthday celebration, we provide decoration, necessary items for the traditional “grabbing-the-baby” game, and assistance with the ritual. In addition, you may enjoy a special discount to add a themed Candy Bar to your party.

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